sábado, 21 de mayo de 2011

Starter Deck: Dawn of the Xyz

So, I'm a yugioh player and im concerned about this, Exceed will be named Xyz in the tcg
It pronounce (Ex ee z) kinda the same, but it look weird, and if it wasn't enough they actually gonna change the name of the main monster, they have never change that one! (well dark magician was BLACK magician, but in that case is understandable) so here we will have, the Xyz monster and UTOPIA, yes that's the name which they gonna replace Aspiring Emperor Hope, so what do you think? don think it look better with the old name?


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  1. Yea... i wish i could play such game... it has too much new stuff though! I loved to play when we had yata garasu and etc.

  2. i used to play.... um exceed wins for sure though

  3. this card trading game sounds complicated...i never really played the game

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  4. Never played yugioh. I only collected pokemon cards. Yu gi oh artwork looks awesome! Thanks for posting.