viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

The 5th Season of The Big Bang Theory it will be in September

Such a Great Scare we take last Thursday's night when in the final episode of the 4th season of TBBT we found this!:
BUT it seems, till the moment this is a JOKE, or something like that, because CBS make a renewal of his contract with the actor of this awesome series for a couple of season more, and also show is series block and enlist the big bang theory for the next Autumn  on Thursday  at 8:00 at pacific time.

Joke? or at the end they really gonna take the whole year?
Whatever it really scare me
Saludos From mexico

11 comentarios:

  1. I don't understand...

  2. @slash971: use google translate. ;)
    It's actually good stuff.

  3. Pretty suspicious if you ask me.

  4. i love that show

    lets see how it turns out

  5. On the first time I heard about that series, I thought it was something related to sci-fi or something like that. XD

  6. I love scifi, its just they are very interesting